"I am the Duty Manager here at the Royal Albert Hall and I don't usually make a point of speaking to the artists, but I had to speak to you.  I heard you in the practise this afternoon and I thought, 'what a wonderful voice.'  I've heard hundreds here before, but never one like you.  Congratulations on an excellent performance."  Duty Manager, Royal Albert Hall, London.

"...she has the ability to sing just about anything.  Margaret has the most amazing breath control: she seems able to sing even the most demanding works without any effort at all."   Official review of her performance at the Buxton Festival Fringe.

"I don't like opera, but the way you sing it makes it very pleasant to listen to."   Member of the audience at Buxton Festival Fringe.

"That was amazing.  I've been accompanying singers for over 40 years and I have never heard Panis Angelicus sung like that."   Organist at a funeral. 

"Margaret's personality lit up the whole evening -- and what a superb voice!"  After a performance of the Manchester Gospel Choir.

"Are you French?"  Question asked by the newly appointed Musical Director of the City of Manchester Opera when he first heard Margaret sing Carmen.

"Ghanaian Margaret Ferguson excelled in the lead role.  Her acting drew you in and made you feel for Violetta--right up to the powerful, emotional ending which actually made my partner cry."  The Bolton News review of La Traviata.

"I'd urge you to see it, especially for Margaret Ferguson's Violetta."  The Bolton News.

"Your voice and your presence add lustre to any performance.....You have a glittering future before you."  Keith Yearsley, conductor.

"I've heard that song sung many times before, but that was the best of them all." Pianist for an opera company after hearing Margaret sing Summertime impromptu and a cappella.

"I have seen Dido and Aeneas a number of times at Glyndebourne, but your portrayal of Dido this evening was the best of them all"  Member of the audience.

"...he (pianist) thought Margaret was brilliant, as did all of us....."  Event Organiser.

"Margaret's singing was amazing and thrilled all those present..."  Organisers of a concert.

"I never expected that."  Salford Cathedral organist at the start of the rehearsal with Margaret before a wedding.

"...a brilliant entertainer!"   Organiser of a concert for Margaret.

"My mum has dementia...and has not really enjoyed anything for months now - but she really enjoyed yesterday."  Member of an audience.

"...your richly talented performance did much to make the evening especially successful..."  Committee member of a concert in the Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl, in aid of the Chernobyl Children. 

"Your contributions towards Saturday's programme were the highlight of the evening....."  Organiser of a concert in aid of The Children's Society.

"Margaret is a great talent."  Passenger after Margaret sang on the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship.

"You sang that better than Kiri Te Kanawa."  Son at the funeral of his mother who had asked Margaret to sing Nunc Dimittis.

"We were so impressed by your empathy with the poorly residents - you went close to them and it was as if you were singing just for them.  ....you give people real happiness when they have little else."   A couple who attended one of Margaret's concerts in a memory of the husband's mother.

"You were in superb form and really delighted, relaxed and enthralled the audience."  Noël Tredinnick, Conductor, after Margaret's performance with the All Souls Orchestra in the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

"...a wonderful performance....You brought the Town Hall to life."  Organiser of a dinner concert in the Manchester Town Hall.

"...Dido's Lament was a real 'blow away!'"  Member of the audience at the Rottingdean Festival.

"Your voice is like gold dust."  Member of the audience at the Rottingdean Festival.

"You were word perfect and your top "C" was great."  Keith Yearsley, conductor, after Margaret sang Dvorak's Requiem Mass.

"Magnificent voice."  Sir Nicholas Winterton, M.P.

"Wonderful voice......So natural."  The Bishop of Chester, Rt. Revd. Peter Forster.

"...captivated the audience."  Rochdale Observer.

"...wonderful singer and she gelled with the audience very well."   Walter Brisk, concert organiser.

"...truly inspirational."   E-mail after concert in Southport.

"...to congratulate you on your wonderful performance of Santuzza....I am a great opera fan (and) the highlight, for me, was your stunning performance."   A music recording engineer after Margaret's performance in Cavalleria Rusticana. 

"...another sensational concert....Her huge voice is expertly controlled and matched by her big-hearted, charismatic, personality."   Rochdale Observer.

"....that was a truly wonderful flawless and highly professional performance."  Member of City of Manchester Opera after Margaret's performance in La Traviata.

"It was worth paying £20 just to hear you sing."  Member of the chorus for Come and Sing day after Margaret sang the part of Violetta in La Traviata.

"You came across as fresh as ever, showing your usual attention to detail and ability to communicate so expressively.  The audience reception tells us all--they obviously loved you.....In every part you bring a distinctive and celebratory note to the proceedings,....."  Noël Tredinnick, Conductor of All Souls Orchestra, after concert in Stoke.  

"...sounded great..." Rebecca Kelly, Producer, B.B.C. Radio Manchester, after interview and playing of a song from her new CD "Unfailing Love" on Sunday Breakfast.

"...you sure did make those faces light up in the retirement home - you have a great way with people." Viewer after watching Lifeline on BBC 2 TV.

"Didn't want it to finish. You're a star..." Viewer of Lifeline programme.

"...a sensational soprano with an engaging personality as she bowled over the music at lunchtime audience....A big voice with personality to match, she produced a delightful programme." Rochdale Observer.

".....(I) congratulate you again on your marvellous performances....in Birmingham....You're an outstanding artist and we are honoured and privileged to have this association with you and to keep having these chances to enjoy your spirit and your singing." Noël Tredinnick, conductor.

"...an impressive voice." Michael Wakelin, former Series Producer for Songs of Praise.

"...you sang your solos and the quartets very musically and with a good sense of ensemble....a fine contribution..." Roy Wales, conductor.

"...I do so want you to know just how much we appreciate your unique and very fine performances...." Noël Tredinnick, conductor.

"Your performance was the highlight of the evening." John Payne, British Council Country Director, Accra.

"I was overwhelmed with joy to hear the audience's wild response to your stunning singing....with such passion, grace and beauty. You always 'give your all' with such dedication and fun coming across to us all. Brilliant. ...Particular mention must be made of the authentic and clear presentation of the Welsh language - a real tribute to both your hard work and excellent ear and memory for languages." Noël Tredinnick, conductor of All Souls Orchestra, after her performance in Llandudno.

"You were word perfect and that coming from a born and bred Welshman" Lord Mayor after Margaret had sung 'Calon Lan' in Welsh.

"You have a fantastic voice..." Carl Penlington-Williams, former Conductor of City of Manchester Opera.

"...in top form,...she brings a vitality and freshness to the material,...(and) proves why her live performances are so popular. Stirring." Critique of 'Margaret Ferguson' CD in Albums review in 'Musician' magazine.

"Many thanks for your lovely singing in The Creation....everyone enjoyed your singing." Roy Wales, conductor.

"...The Messiah. You did a wonderful job and everyone enjoyed your lovely singing and communication gifts!" Roy Wales, conductor.

"...you sang superbly every time, every piece and looked a 'dream' on the stage. We do so appreciate your reliability, your professionalism and your sheer joy of music making..." Conductor, Noël Tredinnick, All Souls Orchestra, after a Northern Ireland tour.

"...stunning us once again...that top B in the Gershwin was really thrilling!!" Conductor, Noël Tredinnick, All Souls Orchestra, after Liverpool concert.

"Everyone I spoke to enjoyed your contribution to the course--your drumming sessions, your solos, the cabaret and the (Ghanaian) song you taught the choir,...another triumph." Roy Wales, Head Tutor, "An African Choral Experience," at West Dean College.

"...you are an absolute star..." Diana Greenman, Chief Executive, Music in Hospitals.

"...The Festival Chorus on Sunday were singing your praises..." Roy Wales, conductor, after concert the previous day in Cornwall.

"Thank you for stunning a London Audience." Noël Tredinnick, conductor of the All Souls Orchestra, after a concert in the Royal Festival Hall, London.

"Your singing of Silent Night was superb. People were really moved and some had tears in their eyes." Andy Silver, conductor of the Manchester Gospel Choir.

"...in Abergavenny...you were a star." David Fanshawe, composer of 'African Sanctus.'

"You gave us all a sequence of amazing and beautifully-crafted performances.... You gave us SO MANY highlights, every item shone out with great strength and conviction, but I suppose I was deeply moved by the Puccini and the Gershwin. You gave us a great feast!!....Your lovely CD whets our appetite even more for us all to set up a 'next time'!!" Conductor, Noël Tredinnick, All Souls Orchestra.

"I was so captivated by your rendition of Vissi d'arte I was playing all sorts of wrong notes, but I didn't care, I was enjoying your singing so much." Cellist, All Souls Orchestra.

"I was thinking this was going to be another average recording until I heard your first few notes and realised this was going to be something special." Mike Thornton, Recording Engineer for 'Margaret Ferguson' CD. (Mike frequently records for the BBC)

"You were brilliant and well controlled in all the solos." David Fanshawe, composer of 'African Sanctus,' after attending her performance in London.

"...to congratulate you on your excellent performance....You sang really well and were a great hit with everyone....It was a very tricky role, but you did it extremely well and you looked lovely." Roy Wales, conductor of 'African Sanctus.'

"That's an amazing sound you have." Andy Silver, Musical Director.

"Everyone enjoyed your performance (in a Spiritual and Gospel Concert) and the choir loved having you work with them. They all commented on your warmth and friendly approach as well as your lovely voice....You certainly added to the performance." Conductor, Roy Wales.

"Margaret, with the amazing voice." Carol Jenkins, writer of the words for Karl Jenkins' 'Cosmic Spirals.'

"A glimpse of Margaret Ferguson dressed in her Ghanaian . . . Flamboyant colourful clothing . . (with her) mixture of opera, gospel, blues (musicals, jazz) and some African songs leaves no one out" Manchester Evening News.

"I (have) had the privilege of hearing her wonderful singing several times . . (they have been) very emotional experience(s)." Letter, Manchester Evening News.

"...thank you for letting us film your wonderful performance.....I was particularly touched by the music and found the whole occasion thoroughly enjoyable. All the crew commented on how beautiful your voice was!" Letter from Bodycheck researcher after ITV recording.

"Lovely hearing your voice." Zena, singer in Urban Voice.

"Last week I paid £36 to watch an opera, but it wasn't a patch on what I heard this evening." After a concert in an hotel.

"It was wonderful to watch the faces of the people and the concentration and pleasure they received . . Your skills in communication and true kindness and caring wins everyone over all the time. It's lovely to work with you." An accompanist.

"Margaret created a lovely atmosphere with her warm and bubbly personality."

"Margaret has a gift with people/communication. She is a wonderfully warm person and very talented. Our audience love her."

"The singer, Margaret, has a really good personality and good sense of humour."

"Excellent at all times. Warmth shone out!! Showed great sensitivity. The whole of the performance was excellent and could not be bettered."

"Extremely well presented. The artists communicated at a level that all the audience could understand and enjoy."

"The warmth of her character shone out of her."

"Margaret and Angela (pianist) were extremely warm people and this went down well . . The atmosphere here was lovely. She has a beautiful voice and personality."

"Margaret's communicating skills were brilliant."

"Excellent. So enjoyable. Very professional genuine warmth. . . . Margaret was an excellent communicator."

"Margaret's enthusiasm and informal manner drew them in and then they realised they actually loved to hear 'proper' singing."
A concert to a younger group.

"I haven't seen him so animated in the last seven years."
Wife of stroke victim.

"The rapport you have with the audience is brilliant."

"Margaret, the singer, has a beautiful strong voice and communication generally and individually was excellent."

"Boredom! There is no possibility of that where Margaret Ferguson is concerned. She definitely soon picks up the mood of an audience and takes them into a state of 'musical heavenly bliss'!"