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Morning Town
Practice can be fun!
Margaret's Bi-tonic Choir
Conducting her choir
Bess, you is my woman (duet)
Ladies' section - Margaret's Bi-tonic Choir
Roy Wales, Director English Concert Singers
Margaret Sings
Phil Middlemas at ITV recording
Margaret with a lovely necklace
Margaret singing on the microphone
Songs to be sung at celebrations
What a show!
Margaret looking stunning in a claret dress leaning on the grand piano with Jonathan sitting at the ready
Buxton church concert inside
Mixed bunch of flowers sitting on a table in the middle of the church
Margaret singing in duet
Wide angle shot of the church from a high standing point
David has set up the display stand for CDs of Margaret with the latest releases
Some from Manchester Gospel choir had come early!
Grand piano on display with expert musicians follows good standard equipment
Decoration of many of Margaret's concerts takes time and dedication
Buxton church concert outside
Colourful dresses that Margaret wears are stunning like this green and blue one
Formal occasions with black and white dress suits the music style
Lovely smile from such a wonderful lady of song
Margaret with a powerful voice can sing and make you feel the vibrations